Kawasaki W800 Release Limited Edition

Retro Motorcycle Kawasaki W800 Release Limited Edition

OTONEWS - Classic motocycle seems to be a lucrative market for two-wheeled automobile manufacturers. It can clearly be felt when one by one motorcycle manufacturers releasing classic style motorcycle.

Seeing a lucrative market of classic motorcycles, Kawasaki W800 also released a limited edition. Unfortunately, W800 Limited Edition is made only for the Japanese market.

The motor is started to be sold in the State Sakura in April. Japanese motorcycle manufacturer that only offers the W800 Limited Edition of 300 units.

Differences with its standard version is in the engine casing and the front fork. The second part was made with black paint depicting exotic impression and more fierce.

In addition, there is also a gold-painted rims instead of chrome and metallic beige. It looks more luxurious than its standard version.

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