BMW will Develop Machine Configuration W for Motorcycle

BMW will Develop Machine Configuration W for Motorcycle

OTONEWS - Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) Motorrad reportedly developing a machine configured W which is usually used for cars, will be used for the motor. In fact, the manufacturer has mamatenkan called the technological innovation.

As proclaimed by autoevolution, Saturday (28/03/2015), W the machine configured using machine base configured V. However, because ditambhi a cylinder that is placed exactly in the middle, then be a configuration resembling the letter W.

If mounted on the motor, the machine will position parallel to the vehicle frame. As a result more practical and efficient in terms of space.

From the pictures that leaked to the media is known, the distribution of W engine was driven by pushrods. His movements are not using parallel configuration but diagonal engine configuration.

Pushrods itself considered very suitable for use by motorcycle type of classic cruiser, and even old technology can still be used for certain types of motors. Even the old motor peggemar like R1200C will rediscover W configuration engine that they admire.

Only, about care will be another problem. Therefore, this machine is still considered fragile. Nevertheless, BMW certainly not rashly before producing the machine, a series of refinement and development will certainly continue to do.

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