First SUV Bentley Will Spread Around the World Next Year

First SUV Bentley Will Spread Around the World Next Year

OTONEWS - Bentley SUV presence, Bentayga've often heard by the public. But the latest news is the first SUV manufacturers from the UK will start to spread around the world starting in 2016.

Currently Bentayga Bentley is in the final stages of testing and will be introduced later this year or early next year.

Before the official launch, most likely Bentley will also be exhibiting Bentayga at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September or NAIAS in January of 2016.

Previously, the page Automotivenews preach, Chief Executive Officer of Bentley Motors, Wolfgang Duerheimer, say, the car was made in a factory Bentley in Crewe, England.

Although not officially designated sales and new pre-booking, car named Bentayga it claimed to have ordered 4,000 units.

"The process of making a car that makes the manufacturer to add 900 new jobs. Now Bentley has opened 300 jobs that include a variety of business activities such as engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing," said Duerheimer.

Only about prices besutannya SUV, Duerheimer not answer with certainty. He only gives the approximate tag of versatile sports car that would be priced cheaper than the flagship model of Bentley, Mulsanne. The model is priced starting at US $ 300,000

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