Audi cars in the Future Dominated by SUV

Audi cars in the Future Dominated by SUV

OTONEWS - Segment Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is being stretched in different parts of the world. Not surprisingly, Audi also wants to develop more SUVs for its future models.

Audi expects sales of SUVs today and the future will explode in the coming years . German manufacturer expects, by 2020 SUV could control 40 to 45 percent of all Audi models sold.

Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler said Audi SUV sales strategy will be a contributor to the increase in sales in the future.

"We worked hard on our SUV strategy. In five to ten years, 40-45 percent, maybe even 50 percent of our sales will be dominated SUV," said Stadler.

He continued, it is more concerned to work on the desired car consumers. "And they ask for SUVs," he added.

Currently, Audi has produced SUV models Q3, Q5 and Q7. However, more petite model that bears the name of Junior also reportedly being prepared in conjunction with the Audi Q1, TTQ and Q8.

Now, Audi is rather lagging behind its competitors, Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the SUV segment. But, it did not mater for Audi as stated Stadler.

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