Throughout last April, Audi Successfully Make BMW the Losers

Audi Successfully Make BMW the Losers

OTONEWS - Tough competition between the trio of German car manufacturer, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, increasingly fierce. If ever before BMW continue to roost in the top position, but not so in April, because Audi managed to put it aside.

Throughout the month that Audi managed to sell 152 580 units. As for BMW at the same time, only sell 148 896 units.

In fact, at that time Audi sales grew only 2.5 percent. While BMW sales rose 5.6 percent.

While the third position in the list of sales during April, there are Mercedes-Benz. The brand posted sales of 148 072 units, up 11 percent.
However, cumulatively during January to April, BMW was still in position number one. The brand recorded sales of 600 473 units.

Next, Audi in second with sales of 591 050 units. The Mercedes-Benz is in the third position posted sales of 577 674 units.

BMW is sworn to maintain the top position in the global market, some time ago admitted ready to lose his crown as king of sales. Audi has a variant called more than BMW, because some time ago had poured crossover and SUV brand-new.

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