KTM Super Duke GT, Motorcycle for Touring

KTM Super Duke GT, Motorcycle for Touring

OTONEWS - Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, KTM, often caught on camera began testing the newest models KTM Super Duke 1290 GT. Motor experiencing a different look at the various corners.

1290 KTM Super Duke GT been caught testing in the test arena near facilities belonging KTM motorcycle in Spain.

The motor that is claimed to be powered 180 horsepower is starting often seen in action on the streets.

The view presented is different than the previous model. Because as is known along this motor using the platform of the motor naked, 1290 Super Duke R, together with engine 1301 cc V-Twin.

Main frame motor was similar to the 1290 Super Duke R, with a subframe which is strengthened in order to accommodate luggage behind and create a larger space for boncenger.

Other motor components such as wheels, brakes and forks seemed to be the same as the Super Duke R.

According Visordown Super Duke GT will be the successor of the 990 SMT, a touring bike than 990 Supermoto that is no longer manufactured.

Interested in having them? Sabar ya Bro, Super Duke 2016 GT will be introduced

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