Nissan Kicks is popular with Chinese youth

Nissan started selling brand-new crossover, Kicks in China. The car was getting a warm welcome there.

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Although this car is categorized as a crossover car, Nissan kicks present a modern design with a sporty look. In addition, Nissan Kicks also sold cheaper than its predecessor, Nissan Juke. No wonder that the presence of the latest crossover car from Nissan is immediately hunted.

After his debut at the Shanghai Motor Show 2017 China, Nissan Kick was immediately invaded by his enthusiasts who are majority young riders.

"After debuting at the Shanghai Motor Show 2017, Kicks has been well known to the youths in China especially the youth born in 1990. After the pre-sale also made their response very well," said Director of Implementation Dongfeng Passenger Nissan Vehicle Airton Cousseau in a Nissan press release.

Kicks crossover car is booked instantly with an amount that is out of its expectations. "The number of people who come to the showroom and the number of bookings exceeds our expectations," he said.

In China, the Nissan kick is on sale starting at RMB 99,8000.

The sophistication and performance of Kicks are very interesting to see. The car is equipped with V-motion grille, headlamps with boomerang shape and tail lights.

Mobi also has a floating roof design and a unique two tone exterior color. The wheel is shaped like a D with a 17-inch alloy rim gives a sporty impression.

As a driving force, the car combines the efficiency of the HR15 engine and the Xtronic CVT transmission. For security features were not spared from the attention of Nissan.

The car already features intelligent emergency braking, intelligent Lane Intervention, Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention and Cross Traffic Alert that brings the sophistication of exceptional security systems.

In addition, Kicks also has a monitor that is useful for displaying street conditions with real time.

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