Police Car Worth US $ 250,000

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Rows of luxury cars used as a police patrol car is not a unique thing anymore. In some countries, it is already using luxury cars and super fast to help the police work.

British car manufacturer Rolls-Royce was not behind to bring a car that is destined for police in his home country.

Rolls-Royce even donates Rolls-Royce Ghost to Sussex police.

Wrapped with white paint, one of the models using a typical livery of police equipped with emergency lights. Although the car is used to patrol, Rolls-Royce still leaves the impression of luxury, especially in the interior.

The interior is equipped with black leather upholstery along with carbon fiber pieces.

"Rolls-Royce recognizes the need for emergency services including police," said Rolls-Royce Global Communications Manager, Andrew Ball.

Not just luxury, Rolls-Royce Ghost is also powerful. With an improved twin turbo 6.6 L V12 engine, the engine can generate 603 horsepower and 840 Nm of torque.

0-100 km / h can be reached within 4.6 seconds before reaching a top speed of 250 km / h. This car is also priced quite high around US $ 250,000.

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